YouTube is the second-most trafficked search engine by the same demographic that most prospective birth mothers belong to. Adoptive Family Video Profiles illustrate a genuine picture of families and their desire to adopt, while giving a birth family confidence and comfort in the family they choose for their child. They provide better matches by enhancing the connection a birth mother feels with a family and helping her to stay committed to the adoption, potentially reducing disruptions.

It is common for prospective birth mothers to show the adoptive family’s video profile to the birth father, her parents, grandparents and friends so they can better understand her adoption decision and the type of family she envisions for her child.

Show Pro Media is currently the only media company in the world that specializes in producing these videos for adoptive families. Since our founding in 2010, we have created more than 4000 successful video profiles — each of which represents a family successfully built through adoption.


  • We continually work to improve our product and tailor video profiles to what birth parents are looking for in an adoptive family, based on regular feedback from birth parent specialists. We also regularly incorporate feedback from adoptive families and adoptive family specialists to keep the video process stress-free and user-friendly.

  • We have designed a user-friendly system to guide adoptive families through their video creation. This includes a simple user account and scheduled emails to prompt action at certain steps in the process.

  • Each video profile will include branding specific to the adoption professional.

  • We provide consulting for implementation and marketing of video profiles.

If you are interested in contracting with Show Pro Media to make video profiles for your agency, please reach out to us at video.specialist@showpromedia.com for more information about the services we can offer.