Adoption Professionals

Benefits of Video Profiles for Adoption Professionals

Video Profiles are an essential step in the adoption process between prospective birth mothers and adoptive families. Thus, they are quickly gaining popularity among the adoption community and are helping adoption professionals complete better adoptions.

Video Profiles help adoption professionals:

Stay Current with Birth Mother Needs

  • The landscape of adoption has changed dramatically over the past several decades in openness and the way birth mothers choose adoptive families. Today, more and more birth mothers want to see adoption videos of prospective adoptive families.

Birth mother Amanda said: “The video was comforting, and I could relate to them. Its so hard when you are just reading a letter to figure out what these people are like.”

  • YouTube is the second-most trafficked search engine by the same demographic that most prospective birth mothers belong to.
  • If birth mothers continue to work with adoption professionals that offer video profile services, those who don’t offer video profiles will see their number of birth mothers, and consequently adoptive families, decrease.

Provide Better Matches

  • After clicking “play,” a prospective birth mother will instantly see what makes an adoptive family unique and if that family or another family best matches her adoption plan.
  • Many birth mothers watch video profiles dozens of times during the adoption process, which helps her stay committed to the family and the adoption, potentially reducing disruptions.
  • It is common for prospective birth mothers to show the adoptive family’s video profile to the birth father, her parents, grandparents and friends so they can better understand her adoption decision and the type of family she envisions for her child.