Adoptive Families

Benefits for Adoptive Families

Video Profiles make choosing an adoptive family much more comforting for prospective birth mothers. However, video profiles benefit adoptive families in many ways as well:

  • I just fell in love with them from watching their video. It made me laugh, it made me smile and I could picture my child with them which was really amazing.” – Colleen, birth mom

  • “It’s more life-like. You know you can read about people all day long, but when you feel like you meet them through a video, it was just very reassuring for me.” – Sara, birth mom

Helps Tell Your Story

  • Just as each adoptive family is unique, so too are their video profiles. Each video provides a glimpse into an adoptive family’s lives, what makes them special, and why they are excited to become parents through adoption.

  • Certain qualities of a family simply don’t translate to a print profile. For example, would you rather be told the adoptive father has a great personality or sense of humor, or would you rather see it in video? The same is true with other talents, such as music, art, cooking and many more.

  • On a special day in the future, your video profile can be shown to your adopted child, so he or she can better understand your excitement of becoming parents. This is a great piece of your child’s adoption story that he or she will cherish forever.

Leads to Better Adoption Opportunities

  • With the click of the play button, a prospective birth mother will instantly see what makes your family unique and if your family matches her adoption plan.

  • Many birth mothers watch a family’s video multiple times throughout the adoption process, which helps her stay committed to the family and remind her why she has chosen adoption for her child.

  • Birth mothers often share the family’s adoption video with the birth father, other family members and friends so they can better understand her adoption decision and the type of life she has envisioned for her child.

Can Result in Lower Wait Times